07 Jul Pacira Pharmaceuticals : The South Florida Accelerator and Pacira Pharmaceuticals Launch New Think Tank to Address Prevention of Opioid Addiction

The Center for Analgesic Transformation will Provide Strategic Solutions to Diminish Opioid Misuse and Addiction Through the Utilization of Non-opioid Analgesics

TAMPA, FL / ACCESSWIRE / July 18, 2018/ The South Florida Accelerator, LLC (TSFA), an innovation aggregator and early stage venture fund, and Pacira Pharmaceuticals, Inc. today announced the creation of The Center for Analgesic Transformation, a think tank committed to developing opioid minimization solutions through the utilization of non-opioid analgesics, including EXPAREL® (bupivacaine liposome injectable suspension). EXPAREL is a non-opioid pain management option for achieving long-lasting pain control after surgery via infiltration into the surgical site or administration as an interscalene brachial plexus nerve block.

Headquartered in Tampa, The Center for Analgesic Transformation will work to educate clinicians and patients on the burden of postsurgical opioids as an unintended gateway to opioid misuse and addiction; develop opioid minimization strategies to reduce opioid use following surgical procedures; and conduct training on the utilization of EXPAREL and other non-opioid analgesics for anesthesiologists, certified registered nurse anesthetists and anesthesiologist assistants.

The Center for Analgesic Transformation will be launched by clinician and philanthropist Devanand Mangar, M.D., F.C.C.P, Chief of Anesthesiology at Tampa General Hospital and President and Chief Executive Officer of Tampa Outpatient Surgical Facility and North Tampa Outpatient Surgical facility. Through its creation, The Center for Analgesic Transformation will use innovative methods and research to inform policy and decision making surrounding the use of non-opioid analgesics during and after surgery as a solution to the opioid epidemic.

“I am pleased to work with Pacira and TSFA to help launch a center dedicated to creating strategic solutions to combat the opioid crisis by focusing on prevention of addiction to opioids following surgery,” said Devanand Mangar, M.D., F.C.C.P, cofounder of The Center for Analgesic Transformation. “Tampa possesses a robust and accomplished healthcare community that is rich in intellectual capital focused on improving patient outcomes through opioid minimization strategies, making it an ideal location to anchor The Center for Analgesic Transformation.”

Research continues to show that the surgery has become an inadvertent gateway to the mounting opioid epidemic, with approximately three million Americans each year becoming newly persistent opioid users due to initial exposure following surgery.[1]

Additionally, a JAMA Surgery study found more than two-thirds of postsurgical patients report unused prescription opioids – and the majority indicate that these medications are neither safely stored nor disposed of – suggesting a dangerous accumulation of opioids in the home, which are available for potential diversion or misuse.[2]

“Reducing unnecessary exposure to opioids following surgery is an essential component for preventing opioid addiction before it begins,” said David Stack, chairman and chief executive officer of Pacira. “We look forward to collaborating with Dr. Mangar and The South Florida Accelerator to disrupt the opioid epidemic by strategizing innovative solutions focused on prevention through the use of non-opioid analgesics.”

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